About Chef A. Belinda Bishop 

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Fondly called, Chef Belinda—her talents personify the best of the Americas, where the United States, the West Indies and the Caribbean come together -- highlighting her celebrated union of captivating the culinary palates of international foodies and cuisine lovers around the world.


With a global point of view, she set in motion to create her favorite dishes with her own signature fusion of ingredients while incorporating traditional stories with flavourful elements from countries across the Caribbean Sea. Before long, she embarked on a journey to reside in her father’s homeland of Grenada, (known as the Spice island of the Caribbean)-- to get in touch with the origins of her family’s roots, their legacy and to make a definitive impact on the people of Grenada.


In a country blessed with such natural gifts, Grenada had also been plagued with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. However, this challenge is reducing rapidly for the better due to a depth of awareness, mindful research and managed engagement with the Food and Beverage Industry leaders and the citizens.


Chef Bishop has become a dedicated pioneer in healthy, medicinal inspired cooking in Grenada. She infuses flavours from various plants, spices, tropical fruits and vegetables that are grown right in her backyard. 


Across the united Industries, Chef Belinda has a noted signature as a master trainer developing Food & Beverage professionals throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. She is considered one of the most dynamic and creative chefs in the country. Her remarkable contemporary reinventions of traditional Caribbean and Latin American dishes are all about showcasing the great flavours of the islands in ways that harmonize with the fresh, local, artisanal ingredients available in the eastern Caribbean.

FLAVOURS OF GRENADA®, founded by A. Chef Belinda Bishop, and co-founder Natasha Beharry  launched May 4-6, 2018 in Grenada, W.I. This exciting endeavor was the first of its kind Food & Beverage expo in Grenada; which is to focus on the sustainability of Grenada’s culture, the assets of its farm to table produce and assuring people become more familiar with Contemporize Grenadian cuisine.

Soon to come:


Look forward to Chef A. Belinda Bishop’s line of dressings, Spice blends, sauces, stories and recipes featured in her cookbook; 

“THE FLAVOUR REVOLUTION” Forward Ever -- to be released in  2019.

Born to Aruban and Grenadian parents, Chef Belinda’s own childhood is a true testament to having lived a multicultural lifestyle, experiencing the cultural melting pots as an International New Yorker and Caribbean daughter. So influence by her environment, by the inquisitive age of eight, she discovered her passion for foods, flavors, ingredients and distinctive recipe blends, proclaiming her favorite of all cuisines to be Caribbean

influenced creole flavours, having focused mainly on her heritage and her parent’s native cuisines.  

With the full blessing of her family, she has dedicated her life’s journey from childhood until present day studying food and its preparation.